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Erotic-Action-Games & Drawings
The action of video games and the details of sex games close together at NearFatal.net

Here you get 3D and 2D erotic action games, nude patches and demos. And you can find a collection of drawings containing a lot of sex, girls and monsters. Other projects I will produce you can in the games section under the category more.
What does NearFatal.net stands for? Girls getting violated by monsters and stuff. Keep in mind that all works are complete fiction and characters are all 18 or older.
Currently I am focusing on flash games. The latest release is ImpregDef, a tentacle tower defense game where a witch get's her tight holes filled up. Check out the demo on the games site. The game will be available via DLSite.com Currently done are the first two levels. Depending on their success more levels will be on available via DLSite.com. Higher levels will contain more extreme actions. Every level will have it's own xxx action. New cum types and defense tower will be available at higher levels...

3D Games
Dangerous Vaults 2
The continuation of the first part. Hunt for ancient treasures and avoid Tara from getting too wet.
Mandrin Pinball
A mix of Pinball and Jump´n Run. Fight the Witches and make them as wet as you can.
Dangerous Vaults 1
This is the first 3D game I have produced. Rescue the exploress team in a jungle covered by a strange power.
Safe the world from the invasion and blow up the highscore. The longer you play the more difficult it´s getting.
2D Games
Mocreas Universal Axis - Part 1
What happens if an alien gets free in a lab full of guards & girls? I don´t know, but in MUA it means XXX and action.
The Ghost House - Part 1
A girl breaks into a house where a dark ghost is haunting. Is the ghost just a myth or will she get punished?
Space Diver
Upgrade your plane, steal a space ship from the aliens and defeat the alien monster. Nude skin and sex.
Terra Quest
Action adventure with alot of nude skin and very nice sex scenes.
Rescue the sexy Juliette from the Cake Devil to fuck her.
Wet and Nude Patches
Heavy Metal FAKK2
All females will get damaged clothes to see their tits and clits.
Nude Harpien
This patch strips the clothes off the harpien in "Serious Sam" and makes them cute.
ST Elite Force 2 fucked & nude
This patch rips the clothes of almost all females and stains their bodies with fluids like alien slime, milk and semen.
Vamp Bloodl. 2 Masqu
Adds nude skin, body fluids and body piercings to the game. Not online because it´s very incomplete for now.
NudePatchColage QIII QuakeIII Arena NudePatch for all girls
Nude skin - piercings, body paint, milk etc. - for all girls and even some female background objects and screenshots.
Detailed Drawings
Animated gifs and .swf
Bouncing breasts, stained dripping holes and inside views comming (soon).
Wet tight girls in full RGB.
The GhostPirates, AlienForce and TrollForce archieves.
In these series the story is the second most important thing.
GrayScale & Lined
Girls getting fucked, spread, milked, fisted and so on.
Hot pics scribbled.

18. October 2015 TGH Walkthrough online
You can download a walkthrough for TGH here thanks to dK! Beware of spoilers! TGH_walkthrough.zip
19. January 2015 You can support me now on Patreon
My Patreon page is online! You can support me now and get previews of my works :) Please enjoy! patreon.com/NearFatal
2013 ImpregDef Lvl1&2
My published games are available now on DLSite.com/Nearfatal! Check out TheGhostHouse and ImpregDefense Lvl1 & 2
12. February 2010 TheGhostHouse2 is ready!
TheGhostHouse Part2 is now ready playable. It continues where part1 ended. More informations here!
23. December 2009 MUA Box Art update!
Black Sword made an box art for Morcreas Universal Axis. You find the pics on the MUA page. If you are looking for more from Black Sword check out his pictures on hentaifoundry.
17. April 2009 Late easter update!
Source Files for DV2 are online. You find them on the DV2 page in the right menu.
You can find now an easter picture (flash) in the gallery comics event section.

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Check out the Dangerous Vaults Fan Art!

Tara getting seeded by Minotaurs!

DV2 progress
These statistics represent only how I think the progress is.
Other planned projects
- Flashanimations
- Interactive Flashmovies
- SuperCeleste
A futuristic and erotic 3D shooter with dildo rocket launcher and such things. (thought as multiplayer)

- Triablo
Choose between a Barbar, Witch, Amazon, Nekromant and Druid to fight through this 3D erotic action adventure. (thought as multiplayer)

- NearFatal II
The explicit 3D fighting game.

- much more gallery pictures

NearFatal.net is Intended for adults aged 18 or over. Copyright - Josef Mueller